NEROLIGHT bertujuan untuk memberikan solusi kualitas saklar dan stop kontak terbaik di setiap perumahan, bangunan komersial dan bangunan industri. Saklar dan stop kontak yang tepat akan memberikan kenyamanan, membangkitkan energi, serta memperindah hidup kita sehari - hari.


1. Bahan PC kualitas terbaik yang tahan peluru, tahan api, dan tidak luntur.

Setiap fungsi indeks dari bahan PC yang digunakan oleh NERO WIRING DEVICES mempunyai standar yang lebih tinggi dari GB17466.

Kelebihan PC yang digunakan NERO WIRING DEVICES :

  • Tahan benturan, tahan perubahan bentuk, tahan lama.
  • Tahan suhu panas : bahan PC yang digunakan tahan terhadap suhu panas 120°C (syarat standar internasional untuk ketahanan suhu hanya di 100°C).
  • Tahan api : Pada uji kawat bara di suhu 850°C, api di bahan PC akan padam dengan sendirinya dalam waktu 3 detik. Pada uji bakar bara api, api di bahan PC juga akan padam.
  • Tidak berubah warna : warna yang rata di permukaan, mencegah radiasi ultraviolet, tidak mudah berubah warna, tidak luntur.
  • Mudah dibersihkan : permukaan yang baik dan lembut, tidak mudah dihuni oleh bakteri, sangat baik untuk kesehatan pemakai.
Bahan Generasi Deskripsi
Bubuk bakelite Generasi pertama Bahan berkualitas rendah dan murah. Merangsang iritasi dan berbahaya bagi kulit. Mudah pudar. Mudah retak di sudut.
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Second generation Low grade engineering material with easy discoloring and low intensity.
PC (Polycarbonate) Third generation High quality material with great strength (impact resistance), bearing high temperature, non fading and non polluting.

2. Rivet free integrated copper carrier with low resistance and high conduction.

Copper is an important component for determining the socket lifetime. NERO WIRING DEVICES use highly precision non riveting integrated tin phosphor bronze which can carry low resistance and high conductivity current.

The strengths of copper material used in NERO WIRING DEVICES :

  • The fine copper plate with tin phosphor bronze consists of more copper contents than the common traditional copper plate. They have larger molecular density, stronger elasticity, and more resistant to fatique.
  • The fine copper plate with tin phospor bronze is shaped by one time punching process without rivets, which produce more stable electrical conductivity, low electrical resistance and low temperature.
  • The socket can be plugged and unplugged for more than 15,000 times (the socket lifetime can reach more than 20 years if it is plugged twice a day).
  • The socket has performances of being durable, great elasticity and abrasion resistance. After being plugged and unplugged 15,000 times, it is still has a good clamping force.
  • The surface of fine copper plate with tin phosphor bronze has special anti oxidization treatment.
Product Material Conductivity Elasticity Texture Color
General brand Brass Average Less elasticity, easy to be distorted Soft Bright yellow
NERO WIRING DEVICES Tin phosphor bronze High Good elasticity, durable Soft Bright yellow

3. Extra large silver touching point for heavy power load.

The silver touch point is the key component of the switch and plays a crucial role on the switch lifetime. All NERO WIRING DEVICES switches use extra large silver touch point of Ø4 mm and also have the thickness of 0.3 mm of silver indium tin oxide.

There are several strengths of NERO WIRING DEVICES extra large silver touching point as follows :

  • Great performance of heat dissipation, good fitting between contact points, and safer than traditional small silver touch point.
  • Compared to the other brands, NERO WIRING DEVICES silver touching point is thicker by twice and larger by 1½ times. It has strong electricity conductivity, high melting point, anti oxidation and abrasion resistance.
  • Good performance on reducing arc generation. It also support faster electrical connection / unconnection speed.
  • The effective combination of two large silver touch point (silver indium tin oxide) makes the switch lifetime reaches 80,000 times (higher than international standard by twice).
  • NERO WIRING DEVICES use only silver indium tin oxide which is environmental friendly material that has no pollution and no radiation. It is different from traditional silver cadmium oxide which is radioactive substance and harmful to people (prohibited in Europe).

4. Breaker wiring structure and large aperture for easy wiring.

There are several strengths of breaker wiring structure for easy wiring as follows :

  • Large diameter wiring hole of 4,5 mm which can hold 3 power wires (each size 4 square mm) to satisfy the market demand.
  • Adopt the circuit breaker wiring technology. This technology does not hurt the wires and does not loosen the screws. It tighten wire connection, maximized current conductivity and eliminate the troublesome of electrical installation situation.
  • Being applied for decades, it is proved that the circuit breaker wiring method is secure, durable and does not hurt the wires. This method can be accessed by single strand wire, multiple strand wire and any other different sizes of power cords.
  • The socket uses 45 degrees tilt angle, which makes wiring connection more convenient.

5. Socket uses child lock protection technology to prevent electric shock.

There are several strengths of child lock protection technology as follows :

  • Sockets with shutter to prevent single pole insertion. This technology is designed for children safety and also more secure when people use them.
  • Shutter uses reinforce PA66 (PC + glass fibre + PTFE) which has high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • When metals (like bolts, keys or iron wire) are inserted into the socket, the shutter can lock the socket by itself (self locking function) to prevent electric shock and short circuit, which can effectively prevent the risk of electric shock for children.

6. Force breaking technology to avoid fire hazard.

The strength of force breaking technology as follows :

  • The socket contact adhesion can be force break when the circuit overload.
  • This is the unique technology of NERO WIRING DEVICES which can avoid hidden danger of fire due to inability to break off during current overloading in abnormal situation.



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